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sell generator engine 1.5HP

sell generator engine 1.5HP
Product Detailed
SUZUKI technoloty ,2.5HP gasoline engine,,starters:Manual ,high quality with best price generator engine  




Forced-air-cooled,four stroke single cylinder,Valve-in-head

Displacement cm3


Bore x stroke (mm x mm)

52 x 46

Engine speed


Max. power (HP)


Rated Power (HP)


Max. Torque (N.m / pm)





Non-contact transistor ignition

Fuel Tank Capacity (L)


Fuel Comsumption (g/kw.h)



Foam element

Lubrication.engine oil (L)


Dimension (L x W x H)mm

375 x 280 x 370

Net weight (kg)


Yolanda teaches you: Gasoline engine working principle

Our single-cylinder gasoline engine as an example, explain the working principle of gasoline engine.      Cylinder contents have pistons, piston through the piston pin, connecting rod and crankshaft connected. Piston reciprocating in the cylinder to do exercise, through the connecting rod to promote the crankshaft rotation. For inhalation of fresh gases and emissions, with intake valve and exhaust door.      Pistons top center most distant from the crankshaft, that is the highest position of the piston, known as the only point. Piston from the crankshaft center at the top of the recent branches, namely the lowest piston position, referred to as the next stop point. Upper and lower stop point as the distance between the piston stroke, crankshaft and connecting rod connecting the bottom center to center distance between the crankshaft as the crankshaft radius. Pistons take a trip each corresponding to the crank angle of 180 °. For the cylinder through the centerline of the centerline of the engine crankshaft, piston stroke equal to twice the crank radius.      Piston from the stop point to the next point only to read the volume of work known as the engine or engine displacement volume, using symbols express VL.      Four-stroke cycle engine work, including four piston stroke both the intake stroke, compression stroke, expansion stroke (Zuogong trip) and the exhaust stroke.      Inlet itinerary      Gasoline carburetor air and fuel to the carburetor in the external cylinder in mixed and then inhaled cylinder. Intake stroke, the intake valve open, exhaust closed door. With the Pistons only points from the previous stop point downward movement of the cylinder volume above the piston increases, thereby reducing pressure inside the cylinder to atmospheric pressure below that in the cylinder caused by vacuum suction. In this way, then by the combustible mixture inlet pipe and intake valve to be sucked into the cylinder.      Compression stroke      To enable the inhalation of combustible gas mixture inside the cylinder can rapidly combustion, to generate a greater pressure, so that the issue of a larger engine power, must be in the burning combustible mixture before compression to reduce the volume, density increased, temperature that have required compression. In this process, into the exhaust door closed, crankshaft promoting the piston from the next stop point only point upward movement known as the compression stroke of a trip.      Compression at the end Get on the piston only, the Pistons the top of the formation of a very small space, known as the combustion chamber. Compressed gas cylinders prior to the maximum volume and minimum volume compression ratio as the compression ratio to express ε:      Compression ratio the greater the end of the compression mixture of pressure and temperature will be higher, the faster burning speed and thus the engine power to issue the bigger the better economy. But the compression ratio is too large, not only should not further improve the combustion situation, but will appear deflagration and surface ignition, such as an abnormal combustion phenomenon. Deflagration is due to gas pressure and temperature is too high, in the combustion chamber than the distance from the center ignited combustible mixture of the end of spontaneous combustion caused by an abnormal combustion. Deflagration when the flame to a very high rate of spread, or even too late in the gas expansion, the sharp rise in temperature and pressure. At the same time, will cause engine overheating, power drop, fuel consumption increased a series of adverse consequences. Surface ignition combustion chamber due to hot surface and hot Department (such as exhaust valve head and spark plug electrodes, carbon deposition Office) ignited gas mixture generated by another abnormal combustion (also known as hot or as early as ignition combustion). Surface ignition occurs, is also accompanied by strong percussion sound (more boring), resulting in pieces of high-pressure engine load will increase, reducing life expectancy.      Zuogong itinerary      In this program, into the exhaust door is still closed. When the piston close to the ending point, mounted on a cylinder covered with a spark plug that is issued by electric spark, ignited by compression of the combustible mixture. Combustible mixture to be burned, giving off a lot of heat, therefore, gas pressure and temperature increase rapidly to attain a maximum pressure of about 3-5Mpa, compared with the corresponding temperature of 2200-2800K. High temperature and high pressure gas to promote the Pistons only point down from the previous stop point exercise, through the connecting rod so that the crankshaft rotation and the output mechanical energy, except for the maintenance of the engine to continue running itself out, and the rest that is used for external Zuogong.      Exhaust stroke      Combustible gas mixture after combustion-generated emissions, must be excluded from the cylinder for the next intake stroke.      When near the end of expansion, the exhaust valve opens, exhaust gas pressure on free exhaust, piston arrive only the next point after point only upward movement would continue to be mandatory emissions into the atmosphere. Piston to the stop point near the end of the exhaust stroke. In the exhaust stroke in cylinder pressure slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, about 0.105-0.115Mpa. The end of the exhaust, exhaust temperature of about 900-1200K.      Since the combustion chamber occupy a certain volume, so the exhaust end, it is impossible to exhaust emission to make, leaving this part of emissions known as the residual gas.      To sum up, four-stroke gasoline engine through the intake, compression, combustion Zuogong, exhaust four trips to complete a working cycle. During which the piston in the upper and lower points only move back and forth between the four stroke, corresponding to crankshaft rotation for two weeks.

sell generator engine 1.5HP

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